Friday, June 6, 2014

Trial of the use of self-administered Sub-cutaneous Immoglobulin (SCIg) at the Canberra Hospital.

Late in 2013 I attended a presentation about the ACT’s participation in this very significant national program. Current SCIg consumers (who made up the bulk of the audience), were enthusiastic about the introduction of SCIg.  I attended as Health Care Consumers ACT (HCCA) Consumer Lead on the Standard 7 Committee (Blood and Blood Products). 

Ann Gardulf RN (Registered Nurse) Phd, who gave the presentation is from the Swedish Kaolinska Institute.  She published the results of her trials of the use of self-administered home-based SCIg in 1991. Apparently most Nordic countries, Germany, France and England now offer this service to SCIg users.

Consumers on the trial will be able to self-administer the SCIg at home rather than attending Canberra Hospital each month. They will attend an education program, have ready access to the team at Canberra Hospital and their outcomes will be monitored.  

The advantages of home based self-administered SCIg are many including:

  • Home-based SCIg users report that they feel better because they have one small dose each week in contrast to hospital-based consumers who get the full dose in one monthly injection;
  • Home-based SCIg users’ quality of life will be improved because they will have fewer interruptions to school, work or other activities; and
  •  Use of home-based SCIg will reduce the cost of providing this treatment to consumers.

If you would like to express an interest in switching SCIg, or finding out more about the program contact Anastasia Wilson, SCIg Nurse at Canberra Hospital. 

Phone: 02 6244 3272

Jo Bothroyd
HCCA Consumer Representative
11 February 2014

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