Tuesday, September 24, 2013

ATODA Conference Report

Joanne Baumgartner

I attended this conference on Friday, June 21st as a HCCA consumer representative. Having worked as a volunteer at the Karralika Drug Rehabilitation Centre in the 1980’s, I was interested in hearing about the progress in this area. I was also pleased to have the opportunity to learn about how to discuss the issue of drugs with my family members and within the broader community generally.

Online Drug Safety and Counselling Methods

While the speakers’ presentations centred on their websites and online counselling methods, there was also discussion of how consumers have expressed a desire for more online information and counselling resources, instead of needing to call someone or physically present to a counselling service. The various drug organisations were certainly willing to fulfil those needs for users and found that they had greater success with their clients using these methods. However, there are some concerns with regard to the legal challenges and reporting requirements for professionals providing services online.
Generally, the use of interactive web sites allows up-to-date information to be provided to consumers in only a short period of time. The services are available around the clock, so drug users are able to access information about staying as safe as possible whenever they need to.

Tobacco and Smoking

Professor Ron Boorland from the Cancer Council of Victoria spoke about steps being taken to reduce smoking rates in his state. Electronic cigarettes have been introduced as a means of quitting smoking, with a major barrier being that people using this cessation method are experiencing conflict with other smokers in the workplace, who have to go outside to smoke.
Of all the services presented at the conference, the best drug treatment service seemed to me to be the Uniting Care Re Gen program that utilises both online and face to face support with “non rest” rehabilitation.

Joanne Baumgartner
HCCA Representative

23June 2013

Friday, September 20, 2013

ACSQHC consultation on a resource for nationally coordinated improvement in the care of patients with cognitive impairment in acute care

The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (ACSQHC) is developing a written resource to help guide nationally coordinated improvement in the care of patients with cognitive impairment in acute care. The resource will be based on the National Safety and Quality in Health Service (NSQHS) Standards.

After developing a draft version, the ACSQHC will be holding consultation forums to discuss the resource with both consumers and health professionals in each state and territory from October to December 2013. The Consumer consultation forum for the ACT will be held on Tuesday, October 29th from 9:30am  to 12:00pm at Rydges Lakeside, 1 London Circuit, Camberra ACT 2601.

Information about the consultation can be found here. The ACSQHC are particularly looking for consumers who have had a lived experience with dementia or delirium, but all consumers are more than welcome to attend. There will also be an online survey available for providing basic feedback on the draft resource from 14th October until the 6th of December.

If you are interested in attending the forum, expressions of interest are being collected online at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/ciconsultationregistration

The Health Care Consumers’ Association is assisting with promoting the ACT forum and collecting feedback. We will send out a link to the online survey when it becomes available and distribute the draft resource to consumers who wish to participate in the consultation. If you have any further questions about the consultation in general, please contact the Project Team at cognitive.impairment@safetyandquality.gov.au or (02) 9126 3648.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Consumer Experience and Expectations of General Practice in the ACT: A Snapshot 2013 survey

We are very pleased to announce that the Consumer Experience and Expectations of General Practice in the ACT: A Snapshot 2013 survey is now live. Through this survey we expect to obtain a better understanding of what consumers experience, want and expect of general practice in the ACT.

In 2009, HCCA conducted a similar survey and more than 600 people in the ACT completed it. The findings of that survey can be viewed here.

The material we will collect from this survey is valuable and will inform our work with the ACT Medicare Local as well as with ACT Health. 
The survey will take 10 minutes to complete and your responses are anonymous. This survey will close on Friday, 4 October 2013.

We would appreciate it if you could share this survey with your networks. The findings of this survey will be available on our website later this year.

If you have any questions about the survey please do not hesitate to contact us.

Complete the survey the survey here: