Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Temporary access changes to the Pathology building - 24 June, 2013 to mid-July 2013

The development of Stage Two of the Centenary Hospital for Women and Children (CHWC) has reached a point where work will commence on the construction of the building’s new forecourt.

Forecourt works include the construction of a small car park, installation of awning footings, landscaping, kerb and guttering, and installation of new permanent pathways.

To allow for the construction of a new permanent pathway to the Pathology building, the temporary covered walkway that has provided safe pedestrian access during the construction of Stage Two of the CHWC needs to be removed.
Removal of the covered walkway will require pedestrians to access the Pathology building via a nearby alternative route.

Pedestrians will be directed through the courtyard at the rear of the Pathology building, to the corridor that links the Pathology building with level 1 of Building 1.

Clear signage will be in place advising pedestrians of the temporary pedestrian route. Pedestrian traffic controllers will also be on hand to provide direction and assistance during business hours.

An interim pathway to the Pathology building’s front entrance will be maintained for after-hours courier deliveries and emergency egress. This interim pathway will be unsuitable for general access purposes as construction work will make use of this space throughout each day.

When construction on the new pathway to the Pathology building’s front entrance has been completed, it will be reinstated as the main access to Pathology. Temporary hoarding will be installed to separate the new pathway from and the CHWC construction site and the continuing forecourt works.

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