Friday, March 8, 2013

Health Activism & the Knowledge Society: Engaging Consumer/Citizens in Shaping Health

We are partnering with the University of Canberra to complete a research into the effects of health care consumer and citizen engagement in health policy.

Assoc Prof Anni Dugdale competed interviews with key informants in November and December last year and is working through documentary evidence.  The preliminary findings will be shared at a conference in April.

The two day conference presents opportunities for consumers and policy makers to hear about the role on the consumer movement and citizen engagement in development our health system.  There will be a number of local and national speakers and a number of interactive sessions to identify future directions.

Questions include:
  •  What does it mean for health consumer organisations to partner with governments, health professionals, and others to engage citizen participation in health policy and health system design and governance? 
  • How are health activists (and their organisations) negotiating the advantages and the pitfalls of being inside the tent (when they are), without losing their integrity and independence as health activists, or their vision for broader agendas that cross the boundaries between government departments? 

The details of the conference is on the UCAN website.  Numbers are limited so we suggest you register soon.

Health Activism & the Knowledge Society: Engaging Consumer/Citizens in Shaping Health 
Thu 4 April 2013 to Fri 5 April 2013 
Clive Price Suite, Building 1, Level C, University of Canberra
Speakers include Celia Roberts, Evelyne de Leeuw, Helen Meekosha, Sophie Hill, Anni Dugdale, and Catherine Settle.  

To register, click on this link.

It promises to be a very interesting couple of days. 

Darlene Cox
Executive Director


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