Thursday, June 7, 2012

Health Issues Group - Find a Health Service

Every second month HCCA holds a Health Issues Group for its members and other interested community members. It is a forum-based opportunity for consumers to find out about current health issues in the ACT, providing valuable information to consumers and giving them the opportunity to provide feedback and have a real voice in the development of health policy.

Last month, Emma Whichelo, from the ACT Health Directorate, talked to members of Health Care Consumers’ Association about the Health Directorates’ new Find a Health Service website. This Health Services Directory has been a part of the Health Directorate ACT website since it was launched in September last year and Emma and her team continue to work to improve accessibility and content. Find a Health Service allows consumers to access information about various health services within the ACT.  Consumers discussed, and provided feedback on, a number of issues, which included the following:
  1. Currently there is a menu bar on the left hand side of the webpage. This menu relates to different aspects of the website and some thought it could be confusing when people are browsing for services. Removing this menu would allow more icons to be included and spread across the page. On the other hand, keeping the menu maintains continuity with all other webpages within the Health Directorate.
  2. Would consumers like a ‘most popular’ menu next to the search function? The four most-visited icons would appear at the top of the page, so that consumers accessing these services would not have to scroll through all the icons.
  3. More symbols/icons are still to be designed for services such as physical activity and sexual health. Consumers were asked to choose from a selection of images to represent these services. Attendees completed Feedback forms to assist Emma’s team to select the most appropriate and popular images.
  4. Which services can be listed on the website? Currently only incorporated organisations or those with an ABN number, are eligible to be listed in the directory, which means many of the smaller support groups will be excluded. Consumers expressed concern about this issue and are working with the Health Directorate to find ways to ensure those smaller organisations are included.
If you missed the opportunity to attend the Health Issues Group but would like to provide feedback, please visit the Find a Health Service website and email your comments to

The next Health Issues Group will be held at HCCA in Hackett on 24 July 2012.

Alisha Summerton
Training and Events

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