Saturday, March 3, 2012

Development of the ACT Clinical Services Plan

What is the Clinical Services Plan?
The Clinical Services Plan (CSP) will provide a strategic framework for the delivery of Health Directorate clinical services between 2012 and 2017.  It is a strategic level plan which will build on the Clinical Services Plan 2005-2011. 

The CSP will:
·        outline the clinical service framework and service needs to 2017, and a longer term strategic vision to 2022 for ACT public hospitals and community based services;
·        identify broad strategic directions for health service delivery, and guide more detailed planning, models of care and work to be undertaken in the future; and
·        guide the provision of services to meet projected demand during a period of significant infrastructure development across the Health Directorate.

How is the CSP being developed?
A Steering Committee (SC) will oversee the development of the CSP.  Darlene Cox is a member of the Committee, representing HCCA.
A communication and consultation plan has been developed to ensure stakeholders and the broader community have the opportunity to contribute to the strategic directions that will be considered during the planning process.
Initially, senior staff at Canberra Hospital & Health Services, Calvary Hospital and other Health Directorate stakeholders are reviewing the information upon which the plan will be based and provide advice to the Steering Committee.
Health Care Consumers Association has provided informal feedback and will continue to be part of the development process.  We are particularly interested in how this plan will ensure that quality and safety is a driver in the development of health services. 
Once the plan is drafted there will be an opportunity for all staff, the broader community, non-government organisations, regional health services, other government departments, private hospitals, peak bodies and unions to provide feedback.

So far Health Directorate staff have held consultation fora at Calvary Hospital and are planning for meetings with senior staff in Canberra Hospital and Health Services. These consultative meetings will continue through to the end of March.

Clinical technology planning is being undertaken through a Technology Mapping project. A set of Horizon Scanning Clinical Technology Roadmaps have been developed. Customised maps for the Health Directorate will be developed in consultation with clinicians.

A draft Clinical Services Plan will be finalised in April 2012 to enable broader consultation to mid 2012.

 How do you get involved?
·        Email a comment to:;
·        Reading and commenting on the draft Clincal Service Plan when it is released in a couple of months.
HCCA will be preparing a response to the draft Cliniacl Services Plan and we welcome your comments.

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