Sunday, November 13, 2011

HCCA Annual General Meeting 2011

HCCA’s AGM, held on the 10th of November, was a wonderful event.  It was good to see so many of our members attending.  I often attend medical and nursing conferences and the professions themselves on the noise they make at break times and dinners when they all get together.  I think consumers can certainly be proud of our "number of words spoken per minute" rate.  I know I was not alone is being able to catch up with so many people for a chat.

Mary Durkin spoke to us after lunch on the role of the Health Services Commission in bringing about improvements in our health system. We all learnt more about the work of the Commission and received useful insight into some of the issues relating to monitoring the performance of clinicians with te new registration arrangemetns under the Australian Health Processional Regulation Authority.

Adele Stevens gave her President's Report.  The full report is available ion the Annual Report but the speech she gave at the AGM is on the HCCA blog.

Russell McGowan spoken about the work HCCA is doing with the International Association of Patients Organisations (IAPO).

As part of the organisational business undertaken at the meeting, HCCA elected its new Executive Committee, and the Executive Committee for the next year is:
President: Adele Stevens (term ends 2012)
Vice President: Russell McGowan (term ends 2012)
Treasuerer: Bev McConnell (term ends 2012)
General Members:  Caroline Polak Scowcroft, Therese Findlay, Sharon Eacott (terms end 2013)
Marion Reilly and David Lovegrove. (terms end 2012)

I look forward to working with the new Committee in the coming year.

Darlene Cox
Executive Director

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GEOTU said...

Many thanks for the warm welcome.
look forward to meeting the rest of the Board members and all involved with the Association.
Kind regards

Therese Findlay