Saturday, September 24, 2011

Elective Surgery Report Card released

ACT Chief Minister Katy Gallagher has released a new ACT Surgery Report Card as part of her ongoing commitment to open government and increased transparency. The report card is attached for your information and reference.
The ACT Government has made significant progress on elective surgery, with more people than ever having operations, reduced waiting times and fewer people on the waiting list. The volume of surgery has increased and there has been a reduction in the number of people waiting for surgery longer than clinically recommended time period. There was a 16% increase above last financial year's performance which means 11,336 people from the ACT and NSW had their operations in 2010-11. They also outsourced about 150 surgeries to the private sector in an attempt to improve access for consumers.
The Government deserves to be commended for this work. 
The health care is a complex system and it is not as simple as completing more surgery.  Surgery is one part of the health system and capacity for surgery is dependent on operating theatre access, surgeons, nurses, anaesthetists. Surgery is also dependent on having wards for recovery and rehabilitation programs.  For example, someone having primary joint replacement (ie, knee or hip) requires a place in rehabilitation program to recover and regain full movement.  If there are not places available in the rehab programs then surgery cannot be done.  From the consumer perspective we want to have a coordinated approach to surgical admissions so that we have the best opportunity to have treatment and recover.
Kerry Burton is working with HCCA on the National Access Program.  Kerry is interested in collecting consumer stories on elective surgery.  Kerry can be contacted at the HCCA office Monday to Thursday.

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