Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How is consumer feedback used to improve health services in the ACT?

HCCA Health Issues Group:

Are you interested in how consumer feedback is used in the ACT to improve health services?  are you interested in how consumers can provide feedback? 

Thursday June 17 2010, 12.00 –2.00 at the HCCA offices in Hackett

A light lunch will be served at the beginning of the event.  Please contact the office if you can join us.

At this forum we will have two speakers, and time for your questions on:

The work of the Health Services Commissioner from the ACT Human Rights Commission.
Mary Durkin, the Health Services Commissioner will come and talk about the role of office in dealing with complaints about health services and health service providers. Her presentation will cover the types of matters that the Commissioner can investigate, the process for handling complaints, the outcomes that might be achieved, and how complaints can be used to inform system improvements.


The work of the Consumer Engagement Team in ACT Health
Robyn Jensen is the team leader for the Consumer Engagement Team. She will speak about:
• the team’s role in managing consumer feedback across ACT Health,
• working with HCCA to provide consumer representatives on ACT Health committees,
• and other ways that they assist ACT Health to engage with consumers.

Note: Out of respect for the access needs of people with chemical sensitivities and people experiencing breathing related allergies and illness, please avoid using perfume, aftershave, essential oils or other highly fragranced products when attending this event.

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