Monday, February 8, 2010


Consumers would like to have internet terminals available for all users in the main foyer areas of ACT Health facilities, bedside internet access and laptop hire similar to TV hire while in hospital. This was one of the innovative ideas to come from a focus group run by Urbis for ACT Heath. The focus group was exploring what consumers want from retail outlets and services located in public health facilities.

Consumers were united in the view that they didn’t want to end up with an airport retail experience. Where shops dominate and the hospital is hidden behind the shop fronts, but people attending the hospital in particular, do need better retail facilities. Our hospital’s are like islands in a sea of car parks and if you need something while visiting the hospital you have to travel to get it. So consumers want a florist, a gift shop, a mini supermarket, banking, post, library and appropriate clothing retail facilities.

There were lots of improvements suggested for food outlets including different types of services for different traffic flow needs for example, a 24 hour restaurant or café area. Consumers wanted healthy and dietary specific choices available for people with diabetes and coeliac’s disease as well as vegetarian choices.

Pre-packed lunch boxes and an express lane were proposed. Consumers also wanted a quiet and cosy area to retreat to for coffee or a meal, and while we are at it how about 24 hr kiosk or café service in the ED area?

Car parking, childcare, applying universal design principles to ensure good access to facilities for all users and the provision of personal services like massage, beauticians and podiatrists were all discussed at the focus group.

If you have ideas on what shops and retail services are needed in our public health facilities now is the time to put your views forward. Email HCCA’s Olivia Macdonald and she will ensure that your ideas are passed on to Urbis.

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