Thursday, October 22, 2009

ACT Health Calvary Consultations

I attended two ACT Health consultations on the proposed sale of Calvary on Friday 16 October 2009. The one at Calvary had around 40 people, including a few Calvary staff and other 'minders' and there were around 30 at The Canberra Hospital.

Katy Gallagher responded to many questions and comments. There were a wide range of issues covered.

Questions from the floor included were:

Were there complaints about the performance of Calvary? and is this what has prompted the Government to approach the Little Company of Mary to purchase Calvary Hospital?
How is the Catholic spirit and ethos going to be maintained in a government run hospital? Will the pastoral care team remain as it is?
Why wasn’t consultation started earlier in the process of discussion between Calvary and the Government?
Why are the times for consultation limited to day time? Will the Government consider running forums after hours or on the weekend?
Why is Calvary taking money for the sale when it was built with public money?
What will happen to the hospice f the sale of the hospital does not occur? Will the Government still want to sell it?
How do the Little Company of Mary Sisters feel about the sale of the hospital and Clare Holland House?
Can the costings be trusted? Would the Government consider a cost-benefit analysis?

The responses to questions were largely answered based on the material contained in the Government's information paper and other consultation documents

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