Tuesday, September 1, 2009

National Primary Health Care Strategy

The Primary Health Care Strategy has been released.

The Key Priority Areas are:

1. improving access and reducing inequity;
2. better management of chronic conditions;
3. increasing the focus on prevention;
4. improving quality, safety, performance and accountability.

Central to achieving this are:
  • patient-centred focus
  • eHealth system and
  • well educated and distributed workforce
The issues for consumers in accessing primary care have been identified and summarised in the document:
For individuals, the primary health care
services they access and the quality of
care that results can depend on where
they live, their particular condition, and
the particular service providers involved,
as much as their clinical needs and
circumstances. Many patients, particularly
those with complex needs, can either be
left to navigate a complex system on their
own or, even when supported by their
general practitioner (GP), be affected by
gaps in information flows and limited
ability to influence care decisions in other
services. (p.9 Strategy)

we will be very interested in following how this reform is implemented and how the community will be involved.

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