Monday, August 31, 2009

Building Relationships - broadening our representation

In August HCCA was delighted to conduct training for the Canberra Multicultural Community Forum. The training sessions focused on the health rights, consumer participation and how consumers and advocates can participate in decision making in the ACT health system.
The workshops were valuable and HCCA staff gained important insights from the CMCF participants which we will use to frame responses to health policy. we would like to thank CMCF for their time, enthusiasm and willingness to build a relationship with HCCA.

HCCA President, Dr Adele Stevens, and Vice President, Marion Reilly, attended the first session and shared their experiences and insights as consumer representatives and being involved in an advocacy organisation. Russell McGowan, HCCA Secretary, attended the second session and we engaged in a lively discussion on health reform.

One thing HCCA does for all our training sessions ask consumers what they would like to change about the health system. The responses to this question are below.

What would you like to change about the health system?

Consumer Feedback
Increased representation from inclusive community
Better consultation process with all stakeholders
More efficient uses of resources from a diverse workforce
Overcome the top HEAVY administration in hospitals

Better understanding by health professionals about cultural attitudes to health and their expectations for behaviour of clients
Doctors in hospitals who know as much as nurses about wound recovery etc. (they are often unaware of the long term effects of their treatment and they don’t know their patients.

More funding for research into areas affecting consumers such as gluten intolerance

Home and Improve Aged Care support service – have community representative on the HACC committee. Not just restricted to service providers.
Better primary health care – subsidised fees for gym membership?

Navigating the System
More accessible information about services that are available especially for aged people.
More information about assistance for elderly people to let them stay in their own homes

Access to dentists for all
Valet parking for Canberra Hospital!
Better transport to parking at Canberra Hospital
Reduce waiting at Emergency Department


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