Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Workshop: What do consumers need to effectively self-manage chronic conditions?

How patients and health professionals can learn from each other and share information about managing and self managing chronic conditions is one of the key areas of investigation by a collaborative research partnership that has recently been formed in the ACT. This research partnership is between the University of New South Wales, ANU College of Medicine, ACT Health and the ACT Division of General Practice.

While we know that self- management is important for those with chronic conditions, what information and support is needed to make it easier for both patients and health professionals to work together?

Darlene Cox, Executive Director of the Health Care Consumers Association says, “each person has their own unique experience of their condition and illness, which they manage on a daily basis”. But what would make this easier?

What works, what doesn’t work is the topic for conversation that Health Care Consumers' Association and the ACT Division of General Practice would like find out from people in the ACT at a seminar on August 11th. “This is an exciting opportunity for us to meet and hear from people in the ACT and share ideas and experiences of how they manage their chronic conditions”, she said.

To find out more about this seminar or to book a place, contact Health Care Consumers’ Association on ph 6290 1660.

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