Tuesday, June 9, 2009

GP Task Force Consultation

HCCA are conducting an online survey get a snapshot of GP usage in the ACT and a snapshot of how health consumers would like things to be. The survey is almost finalised and includes questions that the Task Force is asking all GP clinics in the ACT.

The GP Task Force was set up in April 2009 after several suburban general practices suddenly closed their doors. The ACT is suffering form a persistent shortage of general practitioners; we would need to recruit 60 full time GPs to satisfy demand. It is clear that we are not going to find 60 GPs overnight. The health minister wants the GP Task Force to investigate GP workforce issues in Canberra.

The GP Task Force has been charged with the responsibility of investigating options and innovations for improving access to primary health care (non hospital health care) in the ACT. The Task Force will report back to the ACT Legislative Assembly in September.

The Health Care Consumers' Association is supporting a consumer member of the ACT Government’s GP Task Force. This has been Janne Graham. In Janne’s absence Ann Wentworth has taken on this role.

The results will form a strong component of our response to the GP Task Force discussion paper, soon to be released.

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