Monday, April 20, 2009

GP Task Force

The GP Taskforce has been charged with the responsibility of investigating options and innovations for improving access to primary health care in the ACT and reporting back to the ACT Legislative Assembly in September 2009 with its recommendations.

The Taskforce is jointly chaired by Ross O'Donoughue, Executive Director, Policy Division, ACT Health and Dr Clare Willington, GP Advisor to ACT Health. Ms Janne Graham is the consumer representative on the Task Force and is being supported by HCCA. Further details of membership is available online.

The Terms of Reference include the review and consolidation of work already undertaken by the ACT and Commonwealth governments on access to primary care services in the ACT and the exploration and recommendation on legislative options to protect the rights of patients and the health workforce. It also includes consideration and recommendations on provisions to improve access to primary care services for vulnerable populations, including the aged, people with mental illness and the isolated.

The GP Taskforce has had reasonable coverage in the Canberra Times, Sydney Morning Herald and the ABC.

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