Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Open disclosure is about open communication

Last year I participated on a working group that developed education materials for general practitioners and registrars on open disclosure. This work was completed with the Royal Australian College of General Practice.

I have just received a final copy of the open disclosure education module and the companion workbook. It was a particularly long process (with a 10 month hiatus) but finally the module was launched at the RACGP Annual Scientific Convention on Saturday 4 October by Dr Chris Mitchell, and GP consultant to this reference group, Dr Genevieve Hopkins.

The module and it's companion workbook is available from RACGP publications or can be downloaded from http://www.racgp.org.au/safety.

A copy of the module will be sent to every registrar in Australia.

The RACGP is confident that the module is comprehensive and meets the needs of registrars and new entrants to general practice, who may be new to the complexities of open disclosure.

From my perspective, as the consumer representative on the working group I appreciated the recognition of the importance of open communication between consumers and doctors and I think the materials reflect that. In the ACT the Health department is in the process of implementing open disclosure. While the examples on the modules are specific to general practice the issues around communication are generic enough to prove useful for registrars in hospitals also.


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Christopher said...

Dear Darlene

Thank you for you contribution to this document it is very much appreciated

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