Thursday, October 30, 2008

Maternity Services Review

The Government is undertaking a Review of Maternity Services. The Review is led by the Commonwealth Chief Nurse and Midwifery Officer, Ms Rosemary Bryant.

The Government Review is:
  • canvassing a wide range of issues relevant to maternity services, including antenatal services, birthing options, postnatal services up to six weeks after birth, and peer and social support for women in the perinatal period;
  • ensuring that all interested parties have an opportunity to participate; and
  • informing the development of a National Maternity Services Plan.

The Department of Health And Ageing prepared a discussion paper, Improving Maternity Services in Australia: A Discussion Paper from the Australian Government, which is available online.

Submissions responding to the discussion paper close this week and I know a number of our members are involved in preparing individual submissions as well as contributing to those prepared by other organisations.

We consulted with our members on the discussion paper and have framed our response based on their experiences and perspectives. We have also received input from the Women’s Centre for Health Matters and ACT members of Women With Disabilities Australia and incorporated comments into our submission.

The HCCA submission is available on our website as a pdf (171kb).

We are interested in your comments.

As you know, planning is underway for the construction of a women and children's hospital and a Women's Health Plan is currently being developed. We will be drawing on our submission to the national review to provide input to both of these processes.

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