Monday, October 13, 2008

Comment on Liberal Party Health Policy

eYesterday the Liberal Party launched its health policy, promising an extra 80 new hospital beds, 37 new emergency beds and a 'super theatre' at Calvary Hospital for elective surgery. We are yet to read the detail and have received advice from Mr Seselja's office that the health policy will be available on their website by 4pm today.

At this stage we can say that any additional spending on health care is welcomed however we would prefer the expenditure was planned and working towards introducing new models of health care rather than committing to more of the same.

We do not consider that the invective of 'war on waiting lists' is beneficial. We look forward to reviewing the policy to ensure that there is a level of details that moves beyond this.

We ask the Liberal Party to commit to working collaboratively with consumers to achieve a rational and sustainable solution to the growing demand for health services.

As you know, Health Care Consumers' Association has been advocating for more options to ensure that our community received appropriate care in a variety of settings. Hospitals are not always the most appropriate setting for care and we need to provide options for consumers to access primary health care and other community based services.

We support the refurbishment and construction of community health centres. We are also supportive of redefining roles within the health workforce to help meet the increasing demand for services. We are also keen to see progress on the development of systems to support electronic health information, including electronic discharge summaries and electronic prescribing.

Once we have seen the details of the policy we will be able to comment further.


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