Sunday, June 22, 2008


Many of us struggle with the terms used in the health system.

Over the time we will add to the listing of terms. We have arranged them alphabetically.

advisory committee
a group of people, representing different points of view which gives advice to the organisation or department which established it

sensitive information provided to members of boards and committees must be kept private, with access limited to appropriate persons. Confidentiality agreements may be used to ensure that members are aware of their responsibilities regarding confidentiality

Carers are those who provide unpaid care and support to ‘family members or friends who have a chronic or acute condition, mental illness, disability, or who are frail aged’

The ACT Health Consumer Feedback Standards define consumer to mean:
  • People who directly access a health service;
  • Their nominated representative or representative with legal authority
  • Their carer, family member or advocate
  • Groups of consumers or consumer organisations; or
  • Members of the community
Consumer Participation
We use Fiona Tito-Wheatland's definition
is the process of involving health consumers in decision-making about their own health care and in health service planning, policy development, priority setting and addressing quality issues in the delivery of health services. Consumers may participate as individuals, groups, organisations of consumers, consumer representatives, or communities.

consumer representative
a person appointed to a board or committee to represent the interests or perspectives of consumers

an official written record of what occurred at the meeting

confirmation of minutes
Minutes are sent to members after a meeting and are confirmed as a true and accurate record at the next meeting. If members do not agree that the minutes are accurate, they can ask that they be considered for alteration

matters arising (from minutes)
this is an agenda item that provides members an opportunity to ask about progress on any matter in the minutes of the previous meeting that is not listed elsewhere on the agenda

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