Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Connecting Up

I'm in Brisbane for a couple of days at a conference on social media and not for profits. It's called Connecting Up 2008. It has been very affirming to see other organisations make the leap of faith and embrace this technology.

There is a great connection for HCCA and social media. To be effective in using social media and networking tools we need to build relationships, build networks and communities and understand the needs of our audience. This is everything that we are trying to achieve in the consumer advocacy world.

I have been truly inspired to meet Beth Kanter. Beth is engaging, knowledgeable and enthusiastic in leading non profit organisations into the world of social media. I think I have finally met someone who has harnessed her passion for change.

I've also made links with a range of people interested in the things I am doing with my local P&C, trying to engage parents in discussions around policies and sharing experiences. And I have spoken with a number of representatives from self help groups and consumer groups about their moves to blogging.

I am very excited at the prospects that this technology holds for active citizens and I look forward to sharing this with you.

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