Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Issue 7 of Consumer Bites

The next issue of Consumer Bites is now available.
Of particular note is the report by Janne Graham on TCH Clinical Review Committee. This is an excellent example of how we can report issues of consumer interest to our networks even though the committee we sit on may be privileged. Janne write the report and cleared it with the Chair of the committee before publication.
The Clinical Review Committee operates under qualified privilege. The WA Department of Health has an good overview of what this means.

In 2006 the ACT Legisltaive Assembly amended the Health Act 1993 and passed the Health Legislation Amendment Bill 2006 to address a number of issues in relation to quality assurance and clinical privileges committees.

On this the Minister said: The need to use information about health care to improve patient care is now well recognised. However, many health care professionals fear that the information they contribute to those activities might unfairly be used for purposes other than for which it was intended. As a result, some health care professionals have been reluctant to contribute sensitive information to health professionals and committees involved in health outcomes and activities care safety and quality improvement activities. Quality assurance legislation seeks to provide for the confidentiality and protection of certain information generated by or for the purposes of health care quality improvement committees. ( Excerpt from ACT Hansard entry from when Minister for Health, Katy Gallagher tabled the bill in 2006.)

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