Thursday, April 10, 2008

ACT Health policies and plans register

While searching the ACT Health website I almost fell into the following website which may be of interest to you: it is an alphabetical, searchable register of ACT Health's policies, plans, strategies and guidelines.


Darlene said...

Thanks Tony!
This is a very useful site. I think this is one to bookmark. I also think this is a good site to have a link to when we further develop the HCCA website.

Garpet said...

Tony, Darlene, May I add my "well done" to those others who have no doubt contacted you both by phone.

This new blog is likely to prove to be a most useful form of communication for HCCA especially with the (dare I say it) more computer savvy and younger members who seem to get ALL their information on line.

Darlene said...

Thanks for your comments Peter. I have to say much of this move has been influenced by you and I want to thank you for your support.
At the moment we are exploring uses of the blog as a vehicle for providing information to members and networks in response to questions and requests. As we mature in our use of social media, and as more people become familiar with engaging in this kind of conversation, I believe we will see more information sharing.