Sunday, March 30, 2008

The positive aspects of blogging

This blog has been set up for the purpose of sharing information and gaining views and perspectives from our membership and networks. It is an experiment in how community engagement can use new information technologies to strengthen our contribution to public policy.

It has been set up to help people to:

  • be involved in the activities of HCCA,
  • make comments on health policies up for review and
  • raise any issues with HCCA staff
I received an email from one of our members who is very happy for me to post her comments. Her message identifies some of the positive aspects of setting up and contributing to a blog.

What a great initiative Darlene! Most exciting for me is the potential you have now opened up for HCCA to capture the voices/experiences of other people in the community, who have otherwise been constrained from participating in the activities of HCCA [eg conflicting paid working hours or other life commitments which physically prevent some people from attending on site activities]. I shall be watching with great interest - thank you!

Cheers all,


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