Wednesday, March 26, 2008

National registration of health professionals

HCCA supports national registration of health professionals

Russell McGowan was interviewed by WIN News today about our view on the national registration of health professionals.

We support national registration and see that it can strengthen the system that is already in place to ensure that consumers are treated by registered health professionals. It's not just about eliminating rogue doctors, rather a means of bringing the registration of a broad range of clinical practitioners into the 21st century by ensuring currency of clinical competence and portability of skills across state and territory boundaries

A single national registration system will provide a significant reform from the existing State based regime with 8 separate State/Territory systems, and will

  • ­ facilitate the improvement of consistency, safety and quality of health care
  • ­ remove variations in standards between jurisdictions
  • ­ significantly increase the protection for patients and the public from professional malpractice by reducing the potential for gaps in the
  • ­ reduce duplication of effort and resources
  • ­ increased mobility for health professionals to facilitate practising in all states/territories across Australia
  • ­ improve the possibility for greater flexibility between the professions in the health workforce

CHF have issued a media release on this in which they argue for an on-line Register to enable consumers to check on the current registration status and accreditation of health professionals.

What are your thoughts on national registration?

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Russell said...

This is starting to look like an HCCA Media Release!

Not that I'm suggesting HCCA should issue one on this issue just yet, but the process for developing it seems to have worked well.