Tuesday, February 12, 2008

HCCA Executive Committee 2007 - 8

As an Incorporated Association, HCCA is managed by a governing committee.

President: Russell McGowan

Russell McGowan is a bone marrow transplant survivor who became interested in the heath consumer movement as a result of his experiences in treatment during the early 90s. He is vice president of the Consumers' Health Forum of Australia and participates on a range of national and territory level strategic committees.

Vice President: Marion Reilly

Marion currently works for the Australian Computer Society and previously in the Australian Public Service (20 years service) working for the development of programs for services in housing and aged care. Marion served as a Member of the ACT Legislative Assembly and Member of the Standing Committee for Social Policy. She is a member of the ACT Asthma Association.

Treasurer: Bev McConnell

Bev has worked in the APS in Canberra and Sydney for most of the past 17 years, mainly in communications and broadcasting. Her main areas of interest in consumer health care are electronic health records and prescribing, and health technology R&D. She is a current member of the ACT Hepatitis C Council.

Secretary: Kate Moore

Kate became committed to developing an effective consumer voice in health policy in the early 1980s after working as an Adviser to the then Commonwealth Minister for Health and Community Services, Dr Neal Blewett. In that position she saw first hand how powerful interest groups shaped the delivery of health care, and how that resulted in a system that suited the interests of providers rather than consumers. After leaving her position with Dr Blewett, Kate became the Executive Director of the Consumers' Health Forum, a position she held for 7 years. Kate has been on the HCCA Executive since 1999, and is Chair of the ACT Health Council.

Member: Adele Stevens

Member: Judith Manning

Member: David Lovegrove

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