Thursday, March 27, 2008

Consumer Reps Training Completed

Congratulations to the recent participants of our consumer rep training program!
Lorraine, Saffie, Phyllis, Angela, Chris, Siva and Kim

Over the last four Thursday mornings have been running our training sessions. It has been an enjoyable time during which we have shared stories and learnt how we can use these stories to identify issues in the health system that need to be improved.

Our new reps feel that they have learned a great deal about the importance of consumer representation and that they have learned strategies to put forrad the consumer persepctive in meetings.

One of our new reps commented all of the topics were invaluable and they would like it to go for a few more weeks. I can assure you that there will be many more opportunities to connect with HCCA and this is just the very beginning.

Our new reps also appreciated our informal and supportive approach to learning and the morning teas went down well also.

I have to say my involvement in the training is always a highlight as it provides me with a lovely opportunity to meet new people and connect them others who share their vision that we can make health services healthier.

The new reps have also had the benefit of the experiences and skills of many of our more experienced consumer reps. Thank you Janne, Anne-Marie, Roger, Anna, Denis and Russell.

I look forward to working with our new reps in the very near future, whether than be on committees, attending forums and discussions, commenting on policies or posting comments to the blog.

This year the training was co-facilitated by Lou Bannister. Lou has many years of rep experiences and a range of other skills that made her contribution extremely valuable. Lou has done a great job on pulling together the training manual based on the work of previous employees including Prue Borrman and Pam Boyer. Thank you Lou.

I would also like to thank Lydele who supported Lou and I in preparing for each training session and providing delicious morning teas.

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