Sunday, February 24, 2008

Information for health services

The following information provides a guide for those working in the ACT health system requesting a consumer representative.

What is the process of finding a consumer rep?

When contacting HCCA about a consumer rep it helps us if you can provide the following information at least one month prior to the first meeting:

It takes about 4 weeks for HCCA to complete the process of advertising, recruiting and selecting a consumer representative. We advertise vacancies to consumer networks via email and our newsletter. People nominate for positions and these nominations are sent to the Consumer Representatives Sub-Committee to assess nominations and make a recommendation to the Executive Committee of HCCA.

A HCCA Consumer Representative is:

A HCCA Consumer Representative should not be expected to:

The Consumers' Health Forum of Australia provides a useful checklist for how health providers can support consumer representatives.

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